LivePension is a collaboration of independent companies operating in the three key areas of auto enrolment compliance. For months we have not only been working with clients having to adhere to earlier AE Staging Dates, but at the same time we have been ensuring our administration systems for Payroll and Pension Administration are compatible, thus offering an efficient and effective auto enrolment solution for clients. All the time with a focus on the HR and legal aspects of AE.


LivePension recognises the lack of uniformity in the AE business advice market and so brings a seamless AE service to clients.


By connecting the four components of Auto Enrolment you will:



LivePension is a collaboration of payroll expertise, specialist HR legal support and pension advice alongside essential auto enrolment communications.


LivePension’s uniqueness is the fact we have a proven solution that covers the entire auto enrolment requirement representing a ‘one stop shop’ offering seamless auto enrolment solutions.


The essence of pension auto enrolment is that employers have to automatically enrol their staff into a qualifying workplace pension. In order to be compliant with the law this has a direct effect on companies HR, Legal and Payroll procedures.


This complexity can be avoided by the use of cutting edge technology This is the live pension approach.